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    Method of financing

    Transfer of finances from the SP fund – CSP transfers to the faculty the total amount of all approved projects in advance. The transfer is supported by the Project Summary Statement of the SP fund (stamped and signed). The faculties obtain the same table in an Excel version for recording the drawdown of funds.

    Evidence of drawdowns – Financial recordkeeping takes place at the faculty level only, and the faculty is also responsible with respect to audits. The faculty submits to the Centre for Strategic Partnership only the above-mentioned statement, stipulating also the actual drawn down amounts. The faculty sends the summary statement of drawdowns once again to the CSP of the Rector’s Office via filing service.

    Final reports – We ask you to send these immediately after the closing/billing of each project, i.e. on a continuous basis.

    Last change: February 26, 2020 10:06 
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