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    For activities with strategic partners, an above-standard level of output is expected:

    • Identification, creation, and development of synergy

    • Clear added value for all participating institutions

    • measurable and demonstrable benefit

    • Long-term sustainability of cooperation

    Activities with strategic partners may take the following forms:

    • Preparation of international project submission;

    • Supporting new teams (including the involvement of PhD students) and projects;

    • Cooperation between workplaces (departments and institutes) with respect to instruction and research or production of joint publications;

    • Preparation of international study programmes;

    • Preparation of projects adding value to and increasing the importance of the partnership;

    • Visits by academics, lectures, lecture series, conferences, workshops, courses outside the standard system of academic terms, etc;

    • Support for the establishment of joint research centres or centres;

    • Online activities (lectures, courses, conferences, workshops);

    • Support for existing teams and follow-up activities (based on outputs from previous projects and demonstrated research development).

    Last change: January 17, 2023 09:59 
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