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    CENTRAL Annual Theme

    The CENTRAL strategic group - Charles University, Humboldt University in Berlin, University of Vienna, University of Warsaw and ELTE University in Budapest - primarily promotes cooperation in the fields of teaching, research and support for young researchers. In connection with the opening of the second stage of the cooperation, CENTRAL announces a special topic followed by further activities for each academic year. Each of these topics has had wider social or political importance, especially within the context of Central Europe. The goal is for academics from different countries, backgrounds and areas of study to come up with multilateral ideas and solutions. This year’s theme goes “Central Europe: What unites and divides us”. The topic may be dealt with freely; on one hand it may be interpreted as a social issue, while on the other hand it can be understood as a ground for presentation of outputs in the field of scientific and pedagogical cooperation within the Central European region.

    Applications have to be submitted before deadline via e-mail to

    Call for proposal CENTRAL Annual Theme

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    CENTRAL Annual Theme Final Report

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